Our very own Sarah Quinton is running the London Marathon!

Tuesday 14th March, 2017 - 4:39pm

My Name is Sarah Quinton, I am 26 years old and about to embark on one of my toughest challenges yet; The London Marathon. I am lucky enough to be raising money for an absolutely fantastic Charity who I believe doesn’t yet have enough recognition; LOOK.
LOOK supports visually impaired young people and their families. They support young people who are facing blindness to develop confidence, feel listened to and understood, develop life skills and training, improve wellbeing, make connections and so much more. They do this by funding therapy sessions, providing a help line and running projects and events.
LOOK are such a small charity, they receive most of their money through the people who run the London Marathon. This is one of the many reasons it is so important to me, I feel I want to give 100% to be able to help them achieve all of their plans for the coming year. I would be devastated if my child lost their vision, imagine the struggles they would face in daily activities that is so easily taken for granted. Just £12 pays for an hour of helpline time – that’s a lifeline for a for a child or family of a child newly diagnosed as blind or visually impaired who doesn’t know where to turn, or a parent trying to find out how to get their child the right help at school.
I am hoping to raise £1400 and would be so thankful for any help you may be able to provide in a donation. Any amount is such a great help and can make a huge difference in so many children's lives. My Just Giving page is For more information on how a donation would be helping to make a difference in the lives of so many, I invite you to visit LOOKs website at
Thank you in advance.
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